About Us

 Every successful development or improvement effort rests on two critical components: the plan and the action taken. But there is another factor that determines the extent and value of both Plan and Action. This factor, the N, it is what BE GREAT LLC brings to every project and solution. It is the exponent that overlays every Plan and drives the success of every Action. It is the component that connects Plan and Action into a coordinated, integrated, targeted solution.


N stands for each company’s unique and dynamic need, and need was a critical element in shaping BE GREAT LLC’s research to identify the most productive and effective leadership behaviors. Our expertise lies in the intricacies of giving autonomy and not micromanaging, as well as the supporting frontline manager and team leader leadership behaviors we identified in our research, that enable independent successful accountable work. Finding out your unique N drives the scope, value, and effectiveness of our solution. We help you identify N by providing a research-validated solution that helps you answer the question, “What do we actually need, and why?”


Every successful training solution starts with a Plan. The BE GREAT LLC team has guided and supported some of the most successful development plans, programs, and services in the frontline management development  field. We can customize our program to meet the unique Needs and desired outcomes of each individual client.


No Plan succeeds without Action, the step you take to achieve the results you want. Our evidence-based program can help your frontline managers and their people reach their full potential. The Action you take with us to address autonomy in your organization will focus on the specific, identified Needs of these managers and their direct reports.

Determining what skills leaders have, how well they execute them, and how frequently they use them will differ from company to company and manager to manager. To ensure that granting autonomy achieves its promise, frontline managers need to know how well they use their leadership skills and what they need to improve: the “N” that shapes both our research and our work with you.

To reduce your cost, BE GREAT LLC requires no trainer certification. We have designed the program trainer leader's materials for consistent flawless delivery and results.

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