Darlene Russ-Eft, Ph.D

Darlene Russ-Eft, Ph.D. has over 30 years of experience in undertaking research related to training design and effectiveness.  She is currently Professor of Adult and Higher Education in the College of Education at Oregon State University.  There she teaches masters and doctoral courses in research, program evaluation, and learning theory, and she advises masters and doctoral students in their thesis and dissertation work. 

Darlene’s recent client work includes: 

  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Mechanical Engineering, University of Nevada at Reno
  • Cisco
  • National Arts Strategies

Prior to joining Oregon State University in 2002, she was Director of Research at AchieveGlobal and Division Director of Research for Zenger-Miller.  She undertook evaluation work related to the effectiveness of the Supervision™ program.  She directed the research related to FrontLine Leadership™, Leadership 2000™, Working™, and other AchieveGlobal and Zenger-Miller programs.  

 Dr. Russ-Eft has published four books on program evaluation (two of which are in their second edition), one book on needs assessment (which is in its third edition), and one book on instructional design.  In addition, her research contributed to the book, Everyone a Leader: A Grassroots Model for the New Workplace.  She has published over 30 book chapters and over 60 journal articles, many of which are related to learning, training, and evaluation of learning interventions.

 She has been named a Fellow of the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance, and Development.  She served as President of the Academy of Human Resource Development and early as Editor of the journal, Human Resource Development Quarterly.  She received the Editor of the Year Award from Times Mirror (for her research), the Outstanding Scholar Award from the Academy of Human Resource Development, and the Outstanding Research Article Award from American Society for Training and Development (now called Association for Talent Development).  Her B.A. in psychology is from the College of Wooster, her M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology are from the University of Michigan.

Selected Books

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Selected Refereed Book Chapters

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Selected Refereed Journal Articles

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