Customized Solutions

Investing in a custom-tailored training strategy can give you an extra edge that standard training programs cannot provide.

We provide pinpointed alignment with key organizational strategies, unmatched development within your cultural norms, integration of your human resources systems and processes, and rapid return on training relevance.

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For specialized training, count on BE GREAT LLC for a custom solution that's on time, on budget, and on target. We offer on the most comprehensive capabilities in the industry, and an unrivaled breadth and depth of experience. 

To ensure that your customized training solution cost-effectively meets your unique performance improvement goals, our consulting and design staff begins with a thorough assessment of your needs. We’ll then work with you to choose from a wide range of customization options—from content to methodology, and from implementation to graphic design and packaging.

We’ll recommend an approach that combines training tools and processes that will suit your people, working in your organization, competing in your marketplace. The goal: to make sure your employees put training to immediate use—and achieve significant performance milestones.

Realistic, Relevant Training

Effective training appeals to participants, teaches them critical skills, enables them to experience using the new skills in realistic, non-threatening situations, ensures they continue to use the skills on the job, and enlists the informed encouragement and skilled support of managers. These adult learning principles are at the core of what we do. To achieve your desired outcomes within your budget, we will help you to select among numerous customization options, including:

  • Program Content: To meet your specific competency requirements, we can integrate skill sets unique to your organization, create new ones, or mix-and –match from our bank of proven processes and models. We also can adapt the content and add company-specific information and terminology to reflect and reinforce your systems and procedures, address key business or industry issues, or support a special initiative or event - like a leadership meeting or product introduction. The training’s relevance to the everyday work realities of your people will ensure rapid application of new skills, knowledge, and attitudes on the job.

  • Learning Methodologies: Different populations learn in different ways. Our instructional designers can skillfully adapt, expand, or design new activities, tools, or delivery approaches to engage and motivate all learners.

  • Packaging/Graphic Design: To promote acceptance and encourage usage, we can modify training materials to conform them to your established graphics standards and fit them seamlessly into your organization’s culture.

  • Implementation: We can adjust delivery media and time frames to meet logistical or time constraints while ensuring instructionally sound training.

  • Follow-up: Reinforcement needn’t be complicated to be effective. We’ll make it easy and appealing, so it actually happens.

  • Coaching: Incorporating new skills and processes into the everyday work environment takes teamwork - among associates, managers, and senior executives. If you need outside coaching, our team of certified coaches may be able to help. With coaching support, you can make sure business units fully benefit from the changes training brings.

A Working Partnership

Our team will work closely with your human resources, training and line management to ensure that you achieve maximum benefit from customized training. The process begins with assessment and planning to identify what your people need to learn and how it will be accomplished.

Once the assessment and plan are complete, an experienced project manager will coordinate the customization effort from beginning to end. The manager will head a team of instructional designers, writers, graphic designers, editors, and video producers who will ensure that the customization options you selected will achieve their intended goals.

The project team will meet with people in your training population, collect case histories and information on critical incidents, and apply this data to develop instructional materials that fully reflect your workplace realities. With uncompromising attention to detail, the team will test and refine the materials to ensure the training’s effectiveness. Only when the training meets both Be Great LLC’s and your quality standards will your project go into production.

Throughout the development and testing process, our cadre of experienced seminar leaders will offer input and suggestions. When the training reaches the implementation phase, they will be familiar with your culture, organization, and goals, ready to either administer the training or instruct your trainers so they can do it competently and confidently themselves.

Finally, we’ll be there after the implementation is complete, helping you assess its impact, extend and expand its reach, and plan for continuous improvement.

Benefits to Your Employees

Be Great LLC’s customization services enable your training participants to obtain maximum benefit from the time they spend in training. They will:

  • Immediately recognize the relevance of the training to their job;

  • Acquire the precise skills, knowledge, and attitudes they require;

  • Practice applying new knowledge in realistic contexts; and

  • Integrate new skills with existing or recently introduced procedures, systems, and knowledge.

Benefits to Your Organization

Your organization will benefit from customized solutions that:

  • Fully reflect your organization’s priorities for enhancing employee engagement and commitment, leadership effectiveness, and business results;

  • Accommodate diverse logistical and scheduling needs;

  • Reinforce your culture, key strategies, and processes;

  • Integrate easily with existing curricula; and

  • Prepare participants to immediately apply new skills and knowledge during times of significant change, such as M & A, new product launch, or global expansion.

Solutions for Superior Leadership, Management and Supervisory Performance

Be Great LLC’s customization services enable us to tailor your training to your exact requirements, whether that means creating new roleplays for a single training program or designing an entire curriculum from the ground up.

For more information about how Be Great LLC can help your organization create dynamic solutions to its business challenges, contact us.