What do frontline managers and team leaders need to know to better support or ensure their success and the success of the people who report to them?

The answer is encouraging!     

BE GREAT LLC's 2016–2017 Research Discovered:

  • Granting autonomy and not micromanaging is the number-one driver of employee commitment.
  • Frontline managers and direct reports agree that granting autonomy is one of the top behaviors managers can use to improve their performance.

                    Research Summary                           


Giving employees the autonomy they want is not an all-or-nothing process. Managers need to be responsible for determining how much, when, and how to set parameters and milestones to determine accountability. These critical decisions depend on the manager's assessment of the individual contributor and the contributor's response to the parameters offered. 

Are there skills and behaviors that support frontline managers in making and carrying out these decisions? Yes. Are there also behaviors that strengthen a manager’s effectiveness when communicating to employees the expectations so critical to the success of granting autonomy? Again, yes.

We are pleased to celebrate the launch our new modular training program that develops managerial judgment and skills to enhance independent and successful autonomous work. Managers of all experience levels benefit from evidence based and relevant concepts specifically developed for frontline managers. Self-awareness, contextual benchmark data, and curated tools significantly enhance manager willingness to learn and apply their insights. For more information, refer to the research report above.