Press Release, May 8th, 2019

Publication of BE GREAT LLC Research

BE GREAT LLC research get published -

What Are the Front-Line Manager Leadership Competencies Desired by Employees?

Leader led Employee Autonomy

Mill Valley, May 8, 2019  - Andrew Rovens, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, BE GREAT LLC, is pleased to announce the publication of the company’s 2017 research presentation delivered at the International Research Conference of the Academy of Human Resources Development in Gujarat, India. This unique research investigated those front-line manager leadership competencies that are most instrumental in driving employee commitment and performance.

The research paper, selected for publication by the Academy of HRD and titled "Leadership among Front-Line Managers: What Are the Leadership Competencies Desired by Front-Line Employees?" describes the mixed-method research—both quantitative and qualitative—that was used to analyze the effectiveness of hundreds of front-line leaders across many industries, including technology, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, etc.  

Authors Laura Boehme, PhD, Darlene Russ-Eft, PhD, John Rovens, CEO, and Andrew Rovens also led BE GREAT LLC's research into the definition and impact of leader-led employee autonomy with no micromanagement.    

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Front-line managers have more responsibilities in today’s workplace, and many have more direct reports, which leaves them with less time to lead their people effectively and to manage their own priorities. With the added issues of employee disengagement and high turnover, these managers have a lot to juggle. Many of these front-line managers, regardless of their experience and prior leadership training, are ill equipped to address these new workplace priorities. They know they are spread thin, yet too often they fail to see how setting clear expectations for autonomous and accountable work can help them improve their own productivity as well as that of their direct reports. Rather, they waste limited time micromanaging the work of their employees or stepping in when things go awry. These managers need a better alternative—a new approach that will help them meet the challenges they face. Our mission as a company is to develop front-line managers’ willingness and ability to achieve their own potential by helping their people achieve theirs.


About the Academy of Human Resources Development (HRD)

For nearly three decades, the Academy of HRD India has been an international center of research on theories and practices in the development and management of Human Resources. The Academy was established to allow researchers, practitioners, planners and policy makers to share their ideas and research with others in the field and to exchange feedback and sharpen their own ideas in respective research areas.